ICHEC Junior Consult

A Student Advisory Firm


ICHEC Junior Consult

A Student Advisory Firm

ICHEC Junior Consult
Board 2019 - 2020

About us

ICHEC Junior Consult is a rapidly growing consulting firm and member of the worldwide Junior Enterprise network.

Leaving a trace on the world of consulting, with the support of our partners Cream, PwC Belgium and Delaware, ICHEC Junior Consult has been awarded the best improvement award in 2019.

Since 2011 respect, integrity, solidarity and professionalism have been at the forefront of our core business: project consultancy in finance, marketing and digital strategy as well as organising our signature event: The Brussels Management Challenge.


8 Years of experience

60 Members

15+ Projects each year

Our values


It is a central value in our organisation. Quality reflects the professionalism in projects for both our partners and ourselves . 


We enable our members to gain insight into a business environment and take responsibilities: entrepreneurial spirit is therefore fundamental.


Our members are driven by a willingness to learn, to improve themselves and to take initiatives, giving our association a real dynamic angle


We want to build long-term and sustainable relationships with our clients. Their needs and expectations are a top priority for us.


Our Corporate Partners

Cream Consulting

Cream consulting was set up in 2009 in France. The company currently employs about hundred people. It is specialised in setting up multi-disciplinary consultancy teams in order to deliver projects. Cream’s culture is a result of shared values and ways of doing things on a daily basis.

PwC Belgium

We guide. We support. You grow. What comes to mind when you think of PwC? Audit? Tax? Accounting? Consulting? We’re all of those things - and so much more. Solving problems is the very core of what we do.
The world’s evolving at an unprecedented pace, and we’re here to help you ride the wave of change. Just as we help clients meet their challenges head-on to stay ahead of the curve, we support you along your career path so you can grow in a valuable and sustainable way. How? Through coaching, continuous learning, expert colleagues, flexibility, cutting-edge technology and the freedom to evolve. So that together, we can impact others in a meaningful way.
Discover where your talent can take you! Visit our Careers webpage and apply now!


Delaware is a great place to work! Just ask one of our more than 2,000 delawarians who enjoy work each and every day. We have Belgian roots but expanded our activities to 12 countries and 24 offices in the world (not bad for us “little” Belgians, right?).
We're passionate about combining technology and business. We don’t use technology for the sake of technology: It's the way we help people and companies to do what they love doing, but in the most efficient way. How exactly?
We’re on top of innovations and that’s just one of the things we #peopleofdelaware like in our daily job. What about you? Whether you’re interested in software development, business processes or data analytics, we’re sure that you will love working here too!
The combination of all of this, makes delaware a unique place to work. It’s what makes us different. But enough about us… we’re eager to get to know you and discover what makes you different!


Statista is a web portal providing statistics, infographics and reports coming from the economic sector. It offers more than 1 000 000 statistics on more than 80 000 different topics. Statista gives ICHEC Junior Consult the opportunity to have an access to this notable knowledge source and helps us in the realisation of our consulting projects.

Our Junior Enterprise Partner

IÉSEG Conseil Lille

IÉSEG CONSEIL est issu du regroupement des Junior-Entreprises de l’IÉSEG School of Management. Situés à Paris La Défense et à Lille, nous fonctionnons sur le modèle d'un cabinet de conseil composé uniquement d'étudiants de l'IÉSEG. Notre expérience nous permet de travailler avec tous types d'entreprises : grands groupes, PME, ETI, organismes publics et start-up. Bénéficiant de l’expertise de près de 5 000 étudiants issus de la 1ère école de commerce post-bac en France, nous sommes à même de répondre à vos problématiques les plus complexes. En effet, notre équipe de 54 administrateurs triés sur le volet se met à votre disposition pour réaliser des études dans le domaine du marketing, de la communication, de l’audit, de l'entrepreneuriat, de la finance et des ressources humaines. Soucieux de respecter la norme ISO 9001, nos chefs de projets offrent un suivi personnalisé à leurs clients et s’assurent de la pertinence des analyses réalisées. Ces éléments de différenciation sont appréciés lors de nos études comme le révèle notre taux de satisfaction de 95%.

You are a student who loves interacting with others and wants to join a dynamic Junior Enterprise ?

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Brussels Management Challenge


Administration: +32 486 645 360

communication@ichecjuniorconsult.be project@ichecjuniorconsult.be
Numéro d'entreprise : 0837749210


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